Wednesday, August 16, 2006

ninja gaiden

Ninja Gaiden was a Nintendo game which was fun,long and challenging . Filled with awesome music and very cool cinematic scenes. Till this day I have not passed the game. I just want to see how the story ends.

So here is a tribute to a mountain yet to be climbed.


-loo-bot- said...

The guy's face in the background looks a good way. Like "Creepy in bed" good.
Nice new layout!

thecombustibleyeti said...

"creepy in bed" is the best kind of creepy, not like "man just wearing a bathrobe in public" creepy(we've all been there).
I am going to re-render(if that is even a word) this image to look more refine.

For the layout I still need to work things out. I put an image behind the text but it comes out like this "blank".