Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From The Human fly to Super Fly

There's a site called Project Rooftop (google it up) were artist summit design concepts for popular heroes. I really dug this site so decided to do one of my own .


-loo-bot- said...

Wow, dude! The tightest drawing I've seen from you. Very clean and polished. I like!

Matthew H Camp said...

This is a really great re-design of a character I loved as a boy.

Good job bringing him up to date with a stunt look.

I'd love to see him with a pair of Harley-style motorcycle boots with that rocket logo on them!

His mask looks great like this. Imagine him with an 'off-stage' mask that would also conceal his identity but give him an opening for at least his nostrils and mouth.

Maybe even a set of red shades with those white 'flames' on the side?